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Just be the design.

For recent updates and a more indepth look at my work, check out my Behance site!

  • International Year of Small Islands Developing States Stamp Design by Jesyka Bastelak
  • Black Beauty Book Jacket and Cover design by Jesyka Bastelak
  • Westjet Rebrand by Jesyka Bastelak
  • The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand Motion Picture Poster by Jesyka Bastelak
  • Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Campaign: Fighting Gender Based Censorship. Concept and Design by Jesyka Bastelak
  • Illustrated Zombie Alphabet Flash Cards by Jesyka Bastelak
  • Masthead and Editorial Magazine Layout Design by Jesyka Bastelak
  • Less Mess Solutions Website Design by Jesyka Bastelak
  • Amanda & Zack Wedding Stationery by Jesyka Bastelak

Just be the designer.


To be a graphic designer was never about creating minimalist designs that no one but other designers understood, or staying up until dawn working on a project and slowly feeding a growing addiction to caffeine; being a graphic designer has always been about helping you, the client.

I want to get us back to that. Creating a bond between designer and client, and a bond between client and a brand or idea they love. Let us discover what potential your ideas hold, and let’s create them together.

Because in the end, its time to get back to Just Being Creative.

Design Skills

*A Concise Breakdown of Myself

Technical Skills

* This is a representation of my skillset and not a visual representation of who I am. I am in no way a graph.

Want to know more? Feel free to download a PDF version of my Resume and Portfolio

Just be in contact.

Let’s just work together! Have an idea or maybe you just need someone to talk to in order to find a direction, reach out or give me a call. Let’s just be creative!

Phone: 705-929-3470